exhibition VOX
exhibition Bienal de Cuenca
video tour of exhibition
Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens
Dolls Representing Human Beings
Buttons, Zippers and Other Fasteners
Transparent Things, Other than Plastics
Other Items of Domestic Use
Everything Else
Modern Artificial Hives
Other Animals that Have Six Legs
Things for When You’re Hungry or Cold
Soft Things
Plastics and Man-Made Polymers
Musical Audio Disks, Tapes or Other Physical Media
Hand Tools
Everything Else
Things that Grow by Themselves
Things that We Help Grow
Human Know-How, Unpatented
Things Not yet Touched by the Mild Boredom of Order
Non-certified or Illegal Seeds
Peasant Seeds from Ecuador and the Andean Region
Bricks from the Brickyard of Julio Riera in San José de Balzay
Coarsely Crystalline Salt from Salinas, Santa Elena
Pagoda-Style Bamboo Birdcage Made in Thailand
Ceramic Cows of Pompilio Orellana from Chordeleg and their Story
Silent Trade
Glimpses from the Trade Catalogue of Everything
Things Found on the Ground
Things Found in the Ground
Living Things, Alive or Dead,
Whole or in Part
Non-Living Things,
Whole or in Part
Invented Things,
Material or Immaterial
Living and Non-Living Things,
Transformed Into New Things
Everything Else