Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens
Is there anything left to be done at all? (2014/2016)
In 2014, we were invited to undertake a residency at Trinity Square Video in
Toronto. Because the residency was dedicated to art production, we asked
ourselves if it was possible to embrace the non-productive without depriving
ourselves of the potential to act. As artistic practices are increasingly complicit
with high-performance culture in contemporary labour regimes, we were
interested in exploring what would remain of the desire to act if the compulsion
to produce for the sake of productivity were suspended. After breaking the links
that bind intention with realization, effort with reward, we wanted to see what-if
anything-there is left to do.

To explore these questions, we invited four artists-Justine A. Chambers
(dancer, choreographer), Kevin Rodgers (visual artist), Rodrigo Martý
(community-engaged artist) and Ryan Tong (hardcore singer)-to the gallery to
workshop the generative potential of unproductive labour and expenditure in
creative labour. By suspending the expectation to produce something for
someone or for something, we encouraged our collaborators to engage with the
desires that drive their creative practice without being oriented towards any
specific purpose.

The installation consists of selected fragments from the video recordings made
during these explorations as well as sculptural elements that reflect the
material and spatial arrangements that emerged during this process.

With the collaboration of Justine A. Chambers, Rodrigo Martý, Kevin Rodgers
and Ryan Tong.

Installation: multiple video channels, sound and mixed media
video tour of exhibition